Skeyton Village Hall
Skeyton Village Hall


Held at Skeyton Village Hall on Wednesday 1st November 2017.  7.30.p.m.

Present:  Chairman Cllr: M. Hicks, Cllr: S. Bunting, Cllr: I. Stevenson, District Cllr: G. Williams, County Councillor John Timewell and Parish Clerk Diane Fields.

1.    Apologies.
Apologies were received from Vice-Chairman Cllr: J. Hughes, Cllr: H. Randell, Cllr: A. Morton and Cllr: D. Scott.

2.    Minutes from previous meetings.
Minutes from the Parish Meeting dated 30th August 2017 and a Planning Meeting on
4th October 2017 were signed and accepted as a true and accurate record of proceedings.

3.    Matters Arising
a)     Skeyton Village Sign
Both quotes for repairs to the above were well over £2,000.  One of the Councillor’s
has a contact who suggested the sign was removed and stored somewhere dry for a month and then work would be carried out to repair the sign.  Estimated cost would be £500.00.  This did not include replacing the oak posts.  This was agreed amongst the Councillor’s and the sign would be taken down as soon as possible.  The Chairman announced that the Skeyton Trosh Committee have agreed to donate £500.00 towards the repairs.  The Clerk has written and thanked Diane Randell for their generosity and the cheque is to be presented to Skeyton Parish Council Thursday 2nd November 2017.
b)    Up-date if Emergency Plan.
The Parish Clerk reported the only item that needed changing on this document was the key holder of the Village Hall.  It was agreed that Cllr: S. Bunting should remain as a key holder and Cllr: I. Stevenson would ask the Village Hall Committee it this was possible.
The present key holder is Cllr: D. Scott.
c)    New Notice Board
The Clerk has found a very smart, lockable, shatterproof, weatherproof notice board.
Made by a company called Weathershield, web address
They came in 3 sizes, 1220 x 1031 which held 5A4 sheets across the top 3 down. £279.00
                                       1005 x 1031 which held 4A4 sheets across the top 3 down. £265.00
                                         780 x 1031 which held 3A4 sheets across the top 3 down. £169.00
It was agreed that the Clerk should purchase the 5A4 sheet board.
It was suggested that this could be mounted on the Village Hall wall at the far end near
the disabled access.  Cllr: I. Stevenson would ask the Village Hall Committee it this was O.K. also as they would have use of this board if they would like to donate anything towards same.

4.    Correspondence
a)    Skeyton’s Dell computer is now one year old and a to re-new the warranty for two
Years would cost £140.00  It was decided not to re-new the warranty.
b)    It was agreed at the last Council Meeting that we would donate £180.00 to The
Amenities Fund at The Manor House, Skeyton.  This would enable the residents to go
on trips, ie The Broads and Sea Side Special at Cromer Pier.  A very nice “thank-you” letter has been received from the Administrator at the home.

5.    Planning.   
a)    Revised plans for Stackyard Barn (sorry this should have read PF/17/1522 and not 1572).
The Parish Council were happy with the above but as yet no decision by NNDC has been published.
b)    Appeal against Shepherd Huts PF/17/0083.  Once again the Parish Council had no problems with these.
c)    Plans withdrawn PU/17/1160
d)    Courtyard Barn PF/17/1572 NNDC have agreed these.

6.     Finance
a)     Second Half of Precept for 2017-18 has been received.
b)    Notification for the Parish Council to set the Precept 2018-19 has been down loaded.
It was not possible to finalise this as only three Councillor’s attended the meeting.
It was proposed by Cllr: I. Stevenson the Precept stayed the same and was seconded by
Cllr: S. Bunting.  The Clerk to forward a copy of The Income and Expenditure Report to the Councillors’ who did not attend the meeting asking for their comments.  The grant
For 2018-19 has been reduced from £40 to £37.00
c)    Bank Statement, current account balance = £2,324.33
d)    Bottle Bank Return received giving the Council £163.99
e)    Clerk’s Wages and Tax cheques signed + cheque for Poppy Wreath £25.
f)    In future Clerk’s tax to be paid on line.  HM Revenue & Customs no longer accepting cheques or cash.

7.    Highways
a)     County Councillor John Timewell explain that County Councillors’ have been given £6,000 to spend on highway issues in their divisions.  Lots of villages have purchased  Sam2 which reminds road users they are in a limited speed zone.  He has decided to
utilise his grant this year to purchase a system for open use across the North Walsham
and Erpingham Division at no cost to the Councils.  Unfortunately, because Skeyton has no speed restrictions this would be of no use to Skeyton.

8.    Any other Business
a)    An e-mail has been received informing the Council of the new chair of North Norfolk Town and Parish Forum which is Cllr: Liz Withington
b)    The Data Protection Bill/GDPR requirements update and 2. The Planning for the right homes in the right place consultation has been received.
c)    More information from Vattenfall along with data on a memory stick.  District Councillor
Glyn Williams says that the cabling will not affect Skeyton but will touch Suffield.
Cable laying could be a bit of a nuisance and sub stations causing issues and concerns.
District Councillor apologised for his recent absence.  He informed the Council there was to be a meeting in Cromer soon regarding the Cromer Lock Down Day.  The public are demanding answers.  Also, was is happening to the PCSO’s.  Fortunately, our area only has low level crime, but there must be someone who the villagers can contact and how is this contact going to be made.  It can affect all people.
d)    It was brought to the Council’s attention that there had been an accident in Green Lane
Involving a bike and a car.
e)    The Chairman to check the grit bins.  No grit bins in the future will be filled by the Highways.  Councils to purchase their own grit and fill them themselves.

The meeting closed at 8.40.p.m.
Councils dates for next year to be advised


Held at Skeyton Village Hall on Wednesday 30th August 2017. 7.30.p.m.

Present:    Chairman:  Cllr: M. Hicks, Vice-Chairman:  Cllr: J. Hughes, Cllr: S. Bunting,
Cllr: H. Randell, Cllr: A. Morton, County Councillor John Timewell and Parish Clerk Diane Fields.

1.    Apologies
Apologies were received from Cllr: I. Stevenson

2.    Minutes from previous meetings.
Minutes from the Annual General and Annual Parish Meetings on 10th May 2017
were signed and accepted as a true and accurate record of proceedings.  Plus
a Planning Meeting on Monday 31st July 2017 was only signed and accepted as a true
accurate record of proceedings.

3.    Matters Arising
a)     Bin collection at Chapel Lane.
This problem has now been rectified. But to report back to NNDC if this occurs again.
b)    Bottle Bank Donation.
After paying our Bottle Bank provider, £180.00 has been raised.  It was suggested by the Chairman that we could help the local Care Home in the village with the transport costs so that the residents could have a day out on the Broads.  This was
seconded by the Vice-Chairman.
c)    Village Hall Sign.
The Parish Clerk had received two quotes for repairs to the Village Sign.  Both of
them quoted quite high prices for the repairs.  It was decided that perhaps the village or the village hall could help with this cost.  The Vice-Chairman would make enquiries to the original carver to see if he could offer his services.
d)    Grass cutting at the Church
The Chairman has had a request from Skeyton Churchyard committee asking
for more funding from the Parish Council with regards to cutting the churchyard
grass.  It was agreed to raise this from £100.00 per year to £125.00 per year.
This was proposed by the Vice-Chairman and seconded by Cllr: A. Morton.
The Churchyard committee has approached Norfolk Wildlife Trust for advice
regarding an area of the churchyard left wild to help with the cost of cutting
and a natural habitat for wildlife.

4.    Correspondence
a)    Vattenfall – Norfolk wind farms
A summary report of the Norfolk Vanguard and Norfolk Boreas Offshore Wind Farm Projects has been received.  The refined cable route corridor will not affect Skeyton.

5.    Planning
a)     Decision  notices on PF/17/0611 and PF/17/0355 have been received and permission has been granted.
b)    Plans on line and looked at LA/17/1205 re: Gable End Cottage, Church Road, Skeyton.  The Parish Council have no objections to these.
c)    Plans on line EF/17/1158 re: Stackyard Barn.  The Parish Council have no objections to these.
6.    Finance.
a)     Bank Statement shows £2351.15 in the Current Account.
b)    URM Bottle Bank, all invoices have been paid.
c)    Mazars End of Year Accounts.  Mazars quite happy with these.
d)    Wages and Tax cheques signed and paid.

7.    Highways
a)     Maintenance report.  To report potholes and problems as and when they occur.
b)    The large pot hole repaired recently in New Road has sunk again, large hole
could be quite dangerous.  Green Lane has been re-surfaced but there is still
a pot hole there.
        These problems have been recorded on line by pin pointing on the map.
        Also County Councillor John Timewell has made Jon Winnett, Highway Engineer
        based at Aylsham aware of these potholes.

8.    Any Other Business
a)     County Councillor John Timewell stated that there was not a lot to report
till the committee’s meet up again which will be September.
He did state that he is trying to bring to the attention of NNDC that there are lots of empty properties which could be bringing in valuable income.
b)    It was brought to the Council’s attention that some parishioners were dumping their grass cuttings, hedge cuttings and various other garden waste in fields adjacent to their properties.  The Parish Council would like it to be known that this is a Health Hazard and they would appreciate if this would stop.
c)    It was agreed that the Parish Clerk would purchase a new  notice board.

        The meeting closed at 9.00.p.m.

        The next Parish Council meeting will be on Wednesday 1st November 2017. 7.30.p.m

Held at Skeyton Village Hall on Wednesday 10th May 2017. 7.00.p.m.

Present: Chairman Cllr: M .Hicks, Cllr: J. Hughes, Cllr: S. Bunting, Cllr: I. Stevenson, Cllr: H. Randell,
District Cllr: G. Williams, County Cllr: John Timewell and Mrs. D. Fields, Parish Clerk + a Parishioner.

1. Apologies
Apologies were received from Cllr: A. Morton

2. Minutes from previous meeting
Minutes from the meeting dated 4th May 2016, had been signed on 7th September 2016.

3. Chairman’s Report.
Twelve months have now past since my last Chairman’s report, again the Parish Council
have dealt with a number of issues.
Planning: We had very little planning over the last twelve months, mostly change of use
from agricultural to domestic.
Highways: The usual pothole issues, the flooding issue at the low point on New Road was
quite a lengthy problem though after numerous emails to highways the issue was eventually
sorted out.
The Maize Harvest appeared to have caused very few complaints from the village and the
vehicle operators drove slower and were more considerate.
Finance: Again as the previous year the Parish Council have kept the Precept at the same
level. The Bottle Bank is generating a steady income, thanks go to those who support it.
The Parish Council have also purchased a new laptop computer and printer for the Clerk to
use on Parish Council business. Also purchased is a portrait of the Queen to commemorate
her 90th birthday, the picture hangs in the village hall along with the framed commemorative
In May last year we received the sad news that after a short illness Councillor Molly Fern
passed away peacefully at her home surrounded by her family. Molly was a great
contributor to the village, village hall and Parish Council and will be sadly missed.
With the passing of Molly, the Parish Council have been running with a vacancy. This is a
position that we will hope to fill in the very near future.
I would like to thank Diane the Parish Council Clerk for all her hard work and to my fellow
Parish Councillors.

4. Neech Laon Trust
The Neech Loan Fund, which was created by a Doctor Neech in 1947 to provide loans for
men and women wishing to start an agricultural or horticultural business, within a ten mile
radius of North Walsham, Norfolk. The loan was to be a maximum of £5000 with an interest
rate of 1 1/2% to be repaid over 10 years. Over time (with the permission of the Charity
Commission), the Trustees have varied and extended the terms and conditions of the loan to
include all types of businesses in a wider radius.
The Trustees are comprised of one person elected by the Parish Councils of Skeyton,
Banningham, Burgh with Tuttington and two persons elected by the Town Council of North
Walsham, with the Town Clerk acting as the Secretary.
Over the past few years the capital of the fund has grown from a relatively modest sum,
until today it stands at just over £180,000. Despite funding a number of successful
enterprises, including the creation of a multi-million pound business, recently the Trust has
had the great difficulty in attracting suitable businesses and people to loan the money to.
With the number of applicants steadily drying up, the Trustees have therefore conducted in
depth analysis of the current situation and have two major areas of focus.
1. To look for ways to change the Loan model to make it more relevant for to-day’s
2. To learn from the experiences of other organisations and adapt & adopt accordingly.
The Trust is therefore looking at:
 Actively engaging school leavers who are considering starting their own businesses and
providing them with advice and a low cost start-up loan.
 Engaging mothers with younger children looking to return to work and providing support
and funding to enable them to set up a home office and “work from home”
 Contacting the Prince’s Trust to exchange ideas and potentially ways of working together
to lend to young people in our geographic area.
If there is anyone with an idea for a small business that is looking for assistance with funding
start up then the Neech Loan Trustees would be happy to meet to discuss.
If there is anyone interested in the above please contact:- North Walsham Town Council –
The District Council Clerk is Mr. N. Clancy.

5. Any Other Business
It was agreed that in future we would have a report from North Norfolk District Council.
The meeting closed at 7.40.p.m.

Held at Skeyton Village Hall on Wednesday 25th January 2017. 7.00.p.m.

Present:  Chairman Cllr: M. Hicks, Cllr: S. Bunting, Cllr: H. Randell, Cllr: I. Stevenson, Cllr: A. Morton,
District Cllr: G. Williams, County Cllr: John Timewell and Mrs. D. Fields Parish Clerk,

Visitors:  Julie Chance, Clerk of Cromer Town Council and Roger Arguile, Chairman of Wells Town Council.

1.    Apologies

There were no apologies received for the above meeting.
2.     Minutes from the Previous Meeting

Minutes from the meeting held on Wednesday 2nd November 2016 were signed
and accepted as a true and accurate record of proceedings.
3.    Matters Arising

a)     Second Homes Council Tax
 Julie Chance and Roger Arguile kindly attended our meeting. 
 Many towns and villages in North Norfolk have a high level of second home
 ownership.  The high level of non year-round  occupation has impacted on the area.
 Many communities have suffered with the loss of shops, post offices and public
 houses which will eventually lead to loss of the community.
 At the moment the Second Home Council Tax is shared between NCC and NNDC.
 Following an inaugural meeting at Cromer in February 2016, to which all Town and
 Parish Councils were invited, it was agreed to set up an Executive Committee to look   
 Into the allocation of money received from Second Homes Council Tax.
 Some of this money goes into the Big Society Fund which Town/Parish Councils,
 Village Halls and Charities can apply for.  The committee are looking to obtain
 50% of the 45% to go back to the Towns/Villages that have second home occupants.
 Lots of money at the moment spent on admin, a new portfolio needs to be set up
 to look at this.  Not an attack on The Big Society Fund.
 At the moment there are forty parishes on board.  Skeyton Parish Council added their
 Support. Cllr: I. Stevenson proposed that the concept of working together was good and
 this was seconded by Cllr: A. Morton.
 The Clerk thanked Julie Chance and Roger Arguile for turning out on a dark cold
b)     Queen Elizabeth II Portrait.  A portrait of the Queen Elizabeth II visiting Canada
 has been chosen, Clerk to order same.  Just checking with the Village Hall Committee
 first that this is O.K.
c)     Skeyton Parish Sign.  Still ongoing, sign needs urgent repairs due to wood rotting.
Clerk has received an e-mail from a TV programme that is interested in restoration
and has contacted them regarding same.

4.     Correspondence

a)     Local Boundary Commission.  The Local Government Boundary Commission for
 England has published draft recommendations on the future electoral arrangements
for North Norfolk Council.  You can view the Commission’s draft recommendations at  In future Aylsham could come under NNDC and not
Broadland, where NNDC could lose Fakenham.  Norman Lamb is trying to balance
things up.

5.     Planning

     The Clerk attended a meeting on 14th December 2016 regarding Planning.  All Councils
     are coming under pressure from the Government to meet performance targets.
     NNDC is asking Town/Parish Clerks to turnaround planning applications within 21 days
     from the day Clerks are notified of the application.  All plans will in future be on line.
     No paper copies of plans will be received unless the plans involve a big scheme such as
     a large housing estate etc.,  Councils can still have paper copies but they will have to be
     paid for.  It was suggested that Councils set up a separate e-mail address purely for the
     use of plans, this Skeyton will do with the Chairman and the Clerk to have access to this.
     It was felt by the Council that we would still like to have planning meetings where all the
     comments on said plans could be viewed.  In future all comments will be submitted on

6.    Finance

(a)    Cheques were signed for Bottle Bank, PX2 and Clerk’s Wages and Tax.
(b)    Vat return to be submitted end of February 2017.  Will be for over £100.
(c)    Bottle Bank Claim to be submitted end of March 2017.  Still doing well, last
two empties were both three quarters of a tonne.
(d)    Bank Statements Current Account stands at £2,244.86
(e)    Accounts for 2016-17.  Mazars to carry on with external audit for this year
but 2017/18 they will be audited by a Company called PKF Little John LLP
will take over.  As yet I have not been informed if there will be a charge.
(f)    Work Place Pension.  Our staging date is 1st May 2017.

7.    Highways

a)    Potholes.  All potholes recently reported have been attended to.
b)    Overhead hanging branches near Banham Poultry are being chopped down.

8.     Any other business

Dog waste still being seen in the village, Clerk to put up more signs.  Also
Plasterboard had been dumped on one of the Farmer’s fields, this is a hazard waste.
No crime report was received from PCSO Rob King, even though this was requested.
A theft however was reported to the Police regarding stolen batteries from one of
the Councillor’s out buildings.
Correspondence from North Walsham Police Station concerning Community Speed Watch
has been received, unfortunately this does not apply to us as we have no speed limits
in Skeyton.

A report from County Cllr: John Timewell:
Budget cuts in 2020, next three years see changes in how County operates.
Children in care budget is very tight.
Norfolk ageing population a huge problem in the future.  Perhaps merging Police with
the Fire Service would be more liquid, one button to press not 2.

A committee was set up some twelve months ago to look into the possibility of joining the NDR to the A47 which would complete the full circle of Norwich.  All work is exploratory at the present and various option routes are being designed for consideration.  The final choice is yet to be made and this will go before full council before public consultation.  Reality is as it stands at present, the earliest the road would be open is circa 2025.

 A report from District Cllr: G. Williams.
Storm Surge reported for December 2016, fortunately not as serious
as first thought.  All preparation and evacuation went very smoothly, hardly any problems.
No government grants at all to protect services.  Last month’s meeting looked at
Anti-Social behaviour, no crimes reported in Swanton Abbott during the last 6 years.
Lorne Green to attend next meeting which is on the 15th February 2017. 9.30.a.m.

Next Parish Council Meeting is Wednesday 10th May 2017. 7.00.p.m.
(Please note I have changed the date from the 3rd May to 10th May 2017. 7.00.p.m.

Meeting closed at 8.15.p.m.


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