Skeyton Village Hall
Skeyton Village Hall


Held at Skeyton Village Hall on Wednesday 12th September 2018. 7.30.p.m.

Present:  Chairman Cllr: M. Hicks, Vice-Chairman Cllr: J. Hughes, Cllr: S. Bunting, Cllr: H. Randell, Cllr: I. Stevenson, District Councillor Saul Penfold, County Councillor John Timewell and Parish Clerk Mrs. Diane Fields.

1.    Apologies.

Apologies were received from Cllr: A. Morton and Cllr: D. Scott.

2.    Minutes from previous meetings.

Minutes from the Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual General Meeting both dated Wednesday 2nd May 2018 were both signed and accepted as a true and accurate record of proceedings.

3.    Matters Arising

a)    Data Protection Bill.  It has been brought to the Council’s attention that the web site which we share with the Village Hall needs to be made secure.

The website needs to be updated and mobile friendly and also to have a calendar which members of the public can see and use when planning to book the hall.

Our web site host has quoted a costing of £450.00 to carry out this work. The Parish Council thought this was an awful lot of money, even though we would only have to pay fifty percent of this.  A young entrepreneur who has just designed the web site for the Neech Loan trust might be prepared to help.

b)    The Skeyton Village Sign which has been taken down and stored in a barn to dry out is in a far worse state then first thought.  Lettering is off the sign and the sign itself is rotten half way up.  It was felt that it would be a waste of money and time trying to save it.  It was suggested that the Clerk contact “The Village Sign People” to see if they could give us a costing for a new sign, perhaps in resin or metal.  This the Clerk would do.  Also, to find out who make the Hares that have been around Norwich recently, as they are made of fibreglass.  It was decided to get the old sign back.  District Councillor Saul Penfold sits on the committee of

The Big Society Fund, and will look into seeing if there might be some funding available once we get a quote for a new sign.

c)    The Norfolk Vanguard Wind Farm.  More literature received regarding the up-date of this, although it will not affect Skeyton.

4.    Correspondence

a)    Skeyton’s War Memorial was erected around 1920 to hold the names of soldiers who were killed during the First World War, later on Second World War additions were added.  The Memorial has been recommended for listing at Grade II.  This means that any work carried out on the Memorial has to be carried out sympathetically.  The Chairman said that the Memorial was O.K.

at the moment, only a bit of lichen on it. Literature regarding the procedure of maintaining the Memorial has been downloaded.

b)    Norfolk Association of Local Councils.  A Newsletter has been received listing all the services they give to Town and Parish Councils.

5.    Planning

a)     PF/18/0702. Although, these plans were agreed on by Skeyton Parish Council,

 NNDC turned them down.  This up-date is an appeal made by the client.

6.    Finance

a)     Bank Statement up to 2nd September 2018 has been received.

b)     Clerk’s Insurance has been paid.

c)     URM, the company we use for our bottle bank.  Since 3rd April 2018, we have

 collected 1.8 tonnes which in turn will give us around £100.00 in revenue.

d)     Clerk’s Wages and Tax has been paid.

e)     Accounts – no news as yet.  Clerk has e-mailed.

7.    Highways

a)     Parish Partnership.  Correspondence has been received regarding funding support.  NCC has provisionally been allocated £325,000 to fund schemes put

forward by Town and Parish Councils and they are particularly keen to encourage

and support first-time bids.  The letter also goes on to encourage bids from Town and Parish Council with annual incomes (precept plus any other income) below £2,000 they are offering the following support:-

75% County Council contribution

£5,000 maximum bid value

Offer available only once to any bidder.

Our Chairman explained that a few years ago we tried to get help laying a hard standing area down Common Road, so house owners could park their cars on this which would make more room for farm vehicles and the dustcart, but if was felt that this would incur an awful lot of the Precept allowance.  County Councillor John Timewell suggested that if we furnished him with all the correspondence regarding Common Road, he would see what he could do.

A footpath between the Bunting end of Chapel Loke by the side of the field to join up with the path across the stubble fields towards Model Farm Cross Road is impenetrable due to undergrowth.  This has been reported to the Highways.

Also, the sign saying “Footpath”  on Green Lane has broken off, this has been reported before, Clerk to report again.

Flooding in School Lane.  Fifty percent dug out like grupps, not soak-aways.

As you approach Skeyton on the Flemingham Road, there is a slight bump in the road, this road is cracked here and needs repairing. 

Black Horse Road dropping every side.  Surface is so smooth, if we get a bad winter this road will be lethal.  Also, the road is on the Bus route into the village.

Clerk to report all this and also to check with Jon Winnett, about the purchase of grit salt.

8.     Any Other Business

       District Councillor Saul Penfold said “The full Council tried to get NNDC to write

       to NCC proposing that they scrapped the charges on waste re-cycling as this was     

       leading to people putting the wrong items in their black bins”.  The letter was

       turned down and not sent.

    Lorne Green suggested that the Fire Service came under his wing, this was

    thought not a good idea.

    County Councillor John Timewell, also thought that the Fire Service should retain

    Control, hopefully that will happen.  He went on to say “They gave a B RILLIANT

    SERVICE to the public.

    County Hall met up for the first time since summer last week.  Select committees,

    13 members in each.

1)     Corporate

2)     People and Communities

3)    Infrastructure and Development.

Budget for next year – three month run up.

An intruder in Skeyton was disturbed trying to break into a caravan.  Police were called.  Noise was heard near a local farm.  It was also reported that Suffield had had an incident, perhaps travelling families.


An idea to purchase a defibrillator using the bottle bank funds was put forward by Vice-Chairman Cllr: J. Hughes and seconded by Cllr: S. Bunting.  Clerk to get some prices.

A big THANKS to County Councillor John Timewell in helping with the Broadband problems that Skeyton had.

The meeting closed at 8.45.p.m.



Held at Skeyton Village Hall on Wednesday 2nd May 2018. 7.50.p.m.

Present: Chairman Cllr: M. Hicks, Vice-Chairman Cllr: J. Hughes, Cllr: S. Bunting, Cllr: I. Stevenson, Cllr; A. Morton, Cllr: D. Scott, District Councillor Saul Penfold,

County Councillor John Timewell and Parish Clerk Mrs. Diane Fields.


Apologies were received from Cllr: H. Randell.

2.Election of officers.

Cllr: I. Stevenson proposed Cllr: M. Hicks to be Chairman this was seconded by Cllr: S. Bunting. Cllr: M. Hicks accepted the proposal.

Chairman Cllr: M. Hicks asked if there were any proposals for Vice-Chairman, Cllr: S. Bunting proposed Cllr: J. Hughes and this was seconded by Cllr: A. Moore. Cllr: J. Hughes accepted the proposal.

3.Minutes from 24th January 2018 and 21st February 2018, were signed and accepted as a true and accurate record of proceedings.

4.Matters Arising

a. Village Sign. The Village Sign was taken down before winter and stored in a dry barn. It was suggested that after it has been repaired the oak post will still be used but fitted into a 4 x 4 steel box section.

The steel has been ordered and delivered and a carpenter will place the oak post in the steel box section. Then the sign will be repaired. The repaired sign will then be moved to the front of the village hall come September. Cllr: D. Scott said “The Village Hall committee is in the process of obtaining quotes for new toilets for the village hall”. This will have to be taken into account before placing the repaired sign. It was suggested that perhaps Norman Lamb M.P. would like to unveil the new sign.

b.Insurance. The clerk explained she was unsure of the wording of the

Insurance documents. As long as the computer equipment was insured for more than the quote, this would then be O.K. to use Drayton Insurance company. Simply Business was used before but their quote came out £20 more than Drayton.


a.A Newsletter with Crime Updates (1st March – 31st March 2018)

has been received. Unfortunately, it does not give individual crimes

in parishes.

b.E-mails concerning updates from Vattenfall dates 23rd March and 25th April, 2018 have been received. As stated before in the minutes this does not affect Skeyton.

c.River maintenance and flood prevention April 2018 to March 2019, correspondence has been received. Tributaries run through the village into the River Bure, King’s Beck and Stakebridge Beck.

d.Notification from NNDC regarding local Government Boundary Committee. May 2019 elections will take place and there will be one Councillor to represent Worstead Ward. Scottow, Skeyton, Swanton Abbott, Westwick and Worstead, will all come under Worstead Ward loosing Felmingham and Suffield.

e.A litter and recycling bin catalogue has been received.

f.A Calor Gas project flyer has been received where you could bid for funds on a project. This was given to Cllr: D. Scott who sits on the Village Hall Committee.

g.NNDC are putting on a free event at Holt on “Learn how to write a successful funding bid”. This event will take place om May 16th.



b.PF/18/0702. The Parish Council had no objections to these plans.


a. A VAT refund of £72.02 has been received.

b.Bottle Bank Credit of £104. 51 has also been received.

c.Section 1 of the Accounts (Annual Governance Statement) has been approved.

Section 2 of the Accounts (Accounting Statements) has been signed and approved.

d.Bank Statements. Up to 28th March 2018 = £2,462.47

e.Clerks’ Wages and Tax, cheque signed.

f.Precept 2018-19, First half of the year received.

g.Annual Subscription to NALC £96.91 cheque signed.


Potholes outside Beech Farm, Norwich Road. Clerk to notify Highways.

9.Any other business.

County Councillor John Timewell reported that there was a build up of traffic on the North Walsham Road, since the NDR has opened. It was suggested that a feeder lane should have been built when the road was constructed. It was also noted that the new NDR had hardly any lay-bys.

Bids are in for completion of the NDR taking in Wensum Valley.

Swift Air flying out of Scottow Enterprise Park within two weeks.

Run way open to traffic.

Skeyton Parish Council “Welcomed” Saul Penfold our new District Councillor. District Councillor Saul Penfold thought they have a good team, with Normal Lamb MP, County Councillor John Timewell and himself. He would like to have a Parish day, where all Parishes would come and work together. He has been busy in his new role, attending several meetings, joined the Big Society panel and helping with the serious matter of plastics.

Cllr: D. Scott reported that she had had complaints of flooding down school road. It was suggested that she tactfully suggested that the residents of the road in question could perhaps clear their own drains.

Also reported to her where over hanging branches down New Road, this

was mentioned and would be dealt with.

An e-mail from NALC re: Data Protection Bill, an amendment has been put forward that all parish and town councils might be exempt from having to appoint a Data Protection Officer, but all other measures will apply.

New Pay Scales from NALC have been received.

The Parish Clerk’s hourly rate was to be increased from £8.61 to £9.39.

This was approved by the Parish Council.

The meeting closed at 8.45.p.m.

Septembers meeting was scheduled for the 5th September 2018, this has been altered to 12th September 2018.


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